What Does the Motorcycle Skills Course Do for Your Insurance?

If you are looking at adding a motorcycle endorsement to your Merrillville, IN driver’s license, you might be wondering if it is worth your time to complete an individual motorcycle skills course.  Your friendly agents at the Billy Davis Insurance Group offers up three reasons why it can benefit you to spend a little extra time by completing the course, instead of simply taking the skills test at the bureau of motor vehicles.

Earn a Discount Upon Successful Completion

While the Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires that you complete a Ride Safe Indiana safety course in order to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, when you attend a qualifying skills course, you may be eligible for additional discounts on your motorcycle insurance. Expanding your defensive driving skills lowers the chance that you will be involved in a serious accident while on your bike.

Avoid Accidents and Maintain Your Driving Record

As you know, every time that you get a ticket or are determined to be at-fault in a collision, the mark against your motorcycle license will negatively affect your insurance premiums. When you complete a motorcycle skills course, you are better equipped to avoid obstacles in the road, maintain control under panic braking, and make yourself more visible on the road. This translates into fewer violations appearing on your record.

Skip the Skills Test at the BMV

When you attend a qualifying skills course, you may not be required to take an additional skills test at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, saving you frustration and time.

If you have more questions about obtaining a motorcycle endorsement for your Merrillville, IN drivers license and how that will affect your motorcycle insurance, give your friendly agent at the Billy Davis Insurance Group a call today.

When Do I Need Recreational Insurance?

Some people may look at forests or swamps and see nothing but obstacles, while others see nothing but adventure. Camping, exploring, and much more can be done in total confidence when you have the right recreational insurance. If you happen to love seeing everything there is to be seen in and around Merrillville, IN, then it may be time to consider how insurance can make your life easier. Find out more about when it’s most helpful from The Billy Davis Insurance Group.

When Your Vehicle Is Important to You

When you want to get out of town and slip into an area that’s a little more primal, you know how important it is to have the right tools at your disposal to get where you want to go. Recreational insurance allows you to learn more about your surrounding area without the extra fear of what will happen should something go wrong when you’re out and about.

When Your Care About Safety

Just one collision can end up having life-altering consequences for you or someone else, and there’s no reason to shoulder that burden entirely on yourself. Insurance is specifically designed to get everyone the help they need during a difficult time.

When You Want Answers

The best way to determine whether or not you need recreational insurance is to call The Billy Davis Insurance Group today. It’s our goal to ensure that you have a policy that works for you whether you take a one-week vacation to travel or you plan to be gone for 11 months out of 12. Put your mind to rest when you let us take the reins and handle your recreational insurance today. If you live in Merrillville, IN, there’s no better time to let us show you what we can do!

Motorcycle Insurance is an Important Part of Motorcycle Safety

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), deaths from having a motorcycle accident are 27 times more likely than dying from automobile accidents.

Here are some road safety tips from the Billy Davis Insurance Group serving Merrillville, IN and the surrounding areas.


Invest in the best helmet you can find. You want one that exceeds the safety standards of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) because you are protecting your own brain from injury. The best helmets are full face with a chin guard to prevent breaking the bottom half of your face in an accident. Never use a helmet previously involved in an accident because it may have invisible fractures that may make it less secure than a new one.

Protective Clothing

In an accident, you and your skin are going to meet the pavement. This can rip and tear you to pieces. By wearing protective clothing you can lessen the damage. Protective clothing includes full body suits made of tough leather and leather gloves and leather boots. Using waterproof clothing, when riding in inclement weather, is highly recommended.

Check Your Bike

Before you get on the road, check to make sure your motorcycle is maintained properly. Check the tires for proper air pressure. Check the brakes for good function. Check the headlamp, taillights, signals, and horn to make sure they work. Adjust your mirrors before you take off.

Drive Defensively

It is important to remember that others drivers may not see you. This is one of the reasons why motorcycle insurance rates are higher than an auto insurance policy. It is a good idea to take a motorcycle defensive-driving course, which may allow you to get a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Always keep a watchful eye on others drivers when you are on the road.

Alcohol and Drug-Free

Do not use drugs or alcohol when driving a bike. The NHTSA reports that 43% of the accidents involving motorcycle riders occurred when the driver of the motorcycle was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Contact the Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN for all of your motorcycle insurance needs.

Does My Business Need Commercial Insurnace?

Commercial insurance is something that all businesses can benefit from but that does not mean that all businesses are necessarily in need of a commercial policy. There are some different things that you can look at to determine if you need a commercial policy or not that can help you find the right insurance for your particular business and business needs. For those that live in the Merrillville, IN area, the agents with The Billy Davis Insurance Group can help you to find out just what policy you may or may not be in need of.

One thing that you need to consider is the size and nature of your business. If you work on a large scale you certainly need to have a great business and commercial policy to protect both your business and yourself. If you work out of your home and sell to people you know, you may not need to worry about a commercial policy. The nature of your business also makes a difference. If you sell a product you need some sort of insurance as the customer is going to take the product out of your business and then into their home creating the potential for something to happen to the customer or to the product.

If you run a small business that is incorporated or that has a store front or a store, you are going to want to have a commercial policy to protect yourself, your business, and your customers. If you are at all unsure of your need for a commercial policy it is always best to talk to an agent about what you might need. For those that live in the Merrillville, IN area the agents with The Billy Davis Insurance Group can help you to find the perfect policy.

Homeowners coverage on out-buildings

A homeowners insurance policy is designed to cover your belongings on your property. This is not always limited to just your house. It can get a little complicated, but the professionals at  The Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN, can help you determine what your total insurance needs are.

You should notify your insurance agent when you add a shed, gazebo, or some other structure on your property so it will be included on your policy.  It is important to realize though, that there are limits. Your outbuildings can be covered for 10 percent of the total value of your home. So if your home is worth $100,000, your outbuildings are covered for $10,000.  If your sheds contain more value than that, you might need to increase the total value of your insurance policy to make sure you have adequate protection.

The coverage for those small buildings outside your home is called “structures protection.” They are normally part of your insurance policy, but it is a good idea to make sure it is included on your policy.

Also note that if you are running a business out of one of those sheds, you may need a separate business insurance policy. If you have an out building on another piece of property, you will need a separate policy or an addition to your current policy to cover that building.

The contents may be covered under your existing policy. There is a difference between coverage on the structure itself, and on the contents.

Contact an agent at The Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN to find out specifically how you can get coverage on all your property and possessions. Come and see us and update your policy if you have added such a building, to make sure you have the coverage you need.

When Should I Increase My Auto Insurance Coverage?

Your auto insurance bill likely sits on your table until you get around to it, or maybe it’s paid automatically through the company’s website every month like clockwork. It’s entirely understandable if you do little else with your insurance besides paying it by the due date. However, this type of short-cut may just get you into trouble. See why and when you may want to think about upping your coverage if you live in Merrillville, IN. The Billy Davis Insurance Group wants you to have all the facts, so your policy stays as up-to-date as possible.

Upgrades and Updates

When you make changes to your car, you need to pay careful attention to the value of what you do. If you spend $3,000 on a new stereo without informing your insurance company, then that stereo won’t be covered should your car be stolen. Not only will you have no car to get you to work every day after a theft, but you’ll also be out all of the extra money you used when you installed the stereo.

You Changed Your Lifestyle

Maybe when you first got your car, your job was only a few miles away. But then you found another one that means you’ll be on the road a lot more often. Insurance companies operate based on risk, and it’s extremely important to tell the truth about what you do to your car, and how you use it in your daily life. The Billy Davis Insurance Group has seen what happens when communication errors arise, and we don’t want that to happen to those in Merrillville, IN. Give us a call today to see how we can help you find the rates and policy that will provide the best coverage for your car.

Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

At The Billy Davis Insurance Group, we’ve helped Merrillville, IN citizens like you get the best motorcycle insurance available on the market today. We have especially focused on finding multi-bike policies that help you save money if you own multiple bikes, whether as a collector or just as a major bike enthusiast.

What Are Multi-Bike Policies?

Multi-bike policies let you insure all of your bikes under one blanket policy, rather than insuring them individually. While each bike on the policy will increase the cost of the policy slightly, it will still be less expensive than getting separate policies for each bike. This is especially true if you have a clean driving record and low-risk bikes in your collection.

The number of bikes covered by most companies is usually limited to about four. However, other companies may provide you with coverage for more or fewer bikes. It all depends on the company and what their individual policy restrictions.

Other Possible Discounts

Another benefit of getting multi-bike insurance are various discounts offered by many companies. For example, many companies will over 10-15 percent savings when people bundle their bike insurance. Another benefit occurs if you qualify for a good rider discount. You earn this discount if you go 60 months without an at-fault accident. It is possible to earn up to 10 percent off of the policy with this discount.

For collectors, this is a great deal because they are unlikely to be riding most of their bikes regularly. Some companies will also offer a five percent discount for those who pass a voluntary motorcycle safe driving program.

Getting Great Multi-Bike Insurance

So if you want the kind of multi-bike insurance that will help you save money, please contact us at The Billy Davis Insurance Group. We have worked with plenty of Merrillville, IN citizens like you and will tweak your policy to make it as fair as possible.

Which Recreational Vehicles Are Not Covered By Standard Auto Insurance?

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when shopping for auto insurance is assuming that their vehicle coverage will also cover other vehicles that they own. In fact, there are many types of recreational vehicles that will not be covered under standard auto insurance. Here are the top three to watch out for.

1. Travel Trailers

Travel trailers that trail behind your normal vehicle can be great for cross-country vacations or weekend getaways. To ensure that your travel trailer is safe from damage or accidents, make sure that you have extra insurance particularly for this vehicle. In fact, a travel trailer is not actually a vehicle in and of itself, and it is not covered under your normal vehicle insurance.

2. Golf Carts

Golf carts are of course primarily used for the golf course, but many people use them near their own homes to drive around large areas of property or in gated communities. If you own a golf care, you might not assume so, but they do need their own insurance. This will protect your golf cart should an accident or natural event occur.

3. Recreational Vehicles

Finally, remember that recreational vehicles or RVs are not covered under your normal insurance either. As you cruise cross-country or head north for a holiday getaway, make sure to have coverage so that in the event of a collision or natural event that damages your vehicle, you’re covered.

Contact The Billy Davis Insurance Group

If you are a Merrillville, IN resident who is in the market for recreational insurance for one or more of your vehicles, The Billy Davis Insurance Group can help you choose a plan that works for you. We serve residents of Merrillville, IN and the surrounding areas. To get in touch with us, give us a call today, visit our website, or go online to read more about your recreational vehicle coverage options.

When Should You Insure Your Boat?

Since you are not required by law to have boat insurance for your boat in Merrillville, IN, you may still want to consider getting it to better protect your investment. Also, if you have taken out a loan to get your boat, then you may be required to get a boat insurance policy by your mortgage lender. If you do not fall into that category, however, you should use these questions from The Billy Davis Insurance Group to better determine if you should insure your boat now.

  • Your home insurance policy may only cover your boat when it is on your property. That means that if you ever plan on taking it out on the water, it will no longer be covered. If you get into an accident on the boat while riding it, you will not have coverage. It will only be covered when out of the water.
  • Even if your boat is paid for, you may want coverage for financial loss. Even if you do not owe money for your boat, if anything were to happen to it and you did not have insurance, then you would lose that entire investment. You should consider getting it just to protect your financial investment at the very least.
  • If you have anyone else on your boat, you will not be protected in case of an injury. Even at the very least, you should have liability insurance in case there are any accidents or injuries on your boat. This will help you avoid any medical bills.

If you have decided that now is the time to insure your boat, then it is time to contact The Billy Davis Insurance Group serving Merrillville, IN. They will help you find the perfect insurance policy and pull some quotes for you.

3 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber security is just as important for small business owners as it is for large corporations. Small businesses may even be at greater risk of being hacked due to business owners not taking the possibility of cyber attacks seriously. Here are a few ways small businesses can protect customer and financial information against hackers.

Create and Use Strong Passwords

The use of strong passwords can help deter cyber attacks on your company’s digital information. A company that’s difficult to hack could dissuade prospective hackers from wasting precious time when they can find easier prey elsewhere. By doing a little research on how to create strong passwords and passing this information on to your employees, you can do your part to protect your company’s digital information against cyber threats.

Utilize Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) for Storing Valuable Info

Virtual data rooms act as online storehouses to protect your company’s sensitive information. They can be used to store your firm’s financial records, legal documents, tax records, intellectual secrets and more. Through the use of a VDR, you can minimize the risk of your company’s vital information falling into the hands of hackers.

Obtain Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber liability coverage from the Billy Davis Insurance Group can safeguard your Merrillville, IN business against security breaches that could result in a lawsuit. If someone hacks your customer database and steals customer data, you could be sued for damages. Without insurance protection, a lawsuit of this nature could threaten the future of your business. Cyber security insurance protects your interests against such risks so you can continue to focus on growing your business.

For more information about cyber security insurance and other business insurance options to protect your small business, contact us at The Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN.