Do You Have Sufficient Commercial Liability Coverage?

If you own a small business, general liability insurance is a must to protect your assets. Without liability coverage, you could be held liable for injuries or property damage sustained by customers on your business property. A serious bodily injury claim could ruin your company before it has a chance to get off the ground.

Liability coverage from The Billy Davis Insurance Group will safeguard your Merrillville, IN business against hefty liability claims that can deplete your assets. The following steps can help you determine just how much liability coverage your business needs.

Evaluate Your Business

Evaluate your business to see what kind of protection you need. The type of business you run, your customer base, business location and experience of employees all play a role in determining insurance needs. Take time to monitor business operations to determine high-risk areas for liability. The greater your risk of liability, the more coverage you’ll need to protect your business assets.

Boost Liability Coverage

Once you’ve determined your risks, assess your current insurance coverage to see how it fares in protecting your business. In addition to bodily injury and property damage protection, your commercial coverage should protect you against lawsuits in the event you are accused of copyright breaches or slander.

If you feel your liability policy falls short of protecting your business, consider ways to boost your coverage. Umbrella insurance offers a viable option to increase bodily injury limits while policy endorsements can provide you with additional protection against cybercrimes or other dangers not covered by your current policy.

For greater insight into commercial insurance options and costs, contact an agent from The Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN. We can help you select a commercial insurance package that’s sure to meet your company’s growing needs.

Does Your Home Business Need Commercial Insurance?

If you run a business from your home in Merrillville, IN, you may be wondering if you need commercial insurance. The type of coverage you need will depend on your business or industry. The Billy Davis Insurance Group can help you find the right coverage.

Property Insurance – If you use equipment in your home business, even if it’s just a computer, fax machine, or furniture, you should have property insurance to protect against any damage. Your homeowner’s policy won’t cover you for business equipment losses.

Liability Insurance – If you have people visit your home for business, then liability insurance may be necessary. This protects if there are any injuries or damages caused by people visiting. Again, your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover people coming over for business purposes.

Professional Liability – Even if you work inside the home, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be protected against potential negligence or failure to deliver claims. This type of insurance will protect you.

Product Liability Coverage – If you are making a product in your home, consider this type of insurance, which will protect any damages caused by the product you designed or supplied.

Commercial Auto Coverage – If your home business requires you to pick up deliveries and you use a vehicle for business purposes, then your personal auto policy won’t cover the business use of the vehicle and a commercial policy is required.

Other Coverage – There are other coverage options that may need depending on the business. If your business has employees, you will need workers compensation coverage. Criminal crime insurance can protect against theft, fraud or any other crimes. There are other riders to the policies that can be useful for small, home-based businesses.

Even home-based businesses can have a lot of liabilities. Contact an agent at The Billy Davis Insurance Group serving Merrillville, IN to find the right coverage for your home-based business.

The Importance of Having Uninsured Driver Coverage as Part of Your Merrillville, IN Auto Insurance

Many motorists have coverage for themselves or someone else driving their car as part of their Merrillville, IN automobile policy. However, there are many more who do not carry adequate coverage for mishaps that involve uninsured drivers. Commonly referred to as Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage, this protection can save you from a nightmare situation if you are involved in a collision or other accident with a driver who does not have auto insurance or is under-insured.

It is possible to be held responsible for damages caused by an accident in cases where the other party does not have insurance. Rather than have to try to sue the driver that does not have any insurance coverage for their automobile, and likely does not have the funds to pay for such damages, it is preferable for both your peace of mind and your wallet to carry UM coverage. When such coverage is included in your coverage your assets and home will be protected from any unforeseen consequences related to an accident involving an uninsured driver.

Do not put the financial health of your family at risk and allow an irresponsible car owner affect the life of your family. A comprehensive policy will include coverage for medical expenses as well as costs associated with the repair or replacement of the vehicles involved in the accident. A lot of financial stress can be lessened or avoided altogether with the inclusion of UM coverage as part of your insurance policy.

The trained and professional staff at the Billy Davis Insurance Group are here to meet all of your home and auto insurance needs. We are proud to serve the greater Merrillville, IN area and look forward to working with you soon!

Does My Home Need Home Insurance?

If you have invested in a home in Merrillville, IN, it is pertinent that you make sure it is protected by insurance. Also important is that you understand the difference between various types of home insurance. You don’t want to waste money on a more expensive policy if you don’t need it, right? If you have a home, talk to your insurance agent today to learn more about the specific type of insurance you should be investing in.

Why do you need home insurance?

Regardless of the type of home you have, it is your home and you want to protect it. This is the place where you and your family come together to rest and enjoy each other’s company. With home insurance, you can rest easy at night knowing you are protecting your family by protecting your home against damages and loss.

Are certain types of home insurance less expensive than other homeowner’s policy?

The value of your home, as well as the assets that you have insured, will determine how expensive your home insurance is. Just because your home is small does not mean it is going to cost less to put insurance on it. Take for example a 1,200 square foot home that has a value of $85,000; this home will, of course, cost more to insure than a 1,600 square foot home that is valued at only $60,000.

To learn more about home insurance, as well as other types of home and auto insurance, please contact the Billy Davis Insurance Company in Merrillville, IN today. One of our insurance agents is ready to help you with all of your insurance needs.

Vigilance on Motorcycle

Motorcycles have been around since the 1800s. One thing common to all modern motorcycles is the constant vigilance necessary to drive them well. Here are some additional motorcycle safety tips.

Driving to Conditions

Animals still run across roads in both city and countryside. Even a glancing collision with a small animal can send a motorcycle careening into a ditch or vehicle. Posted speed limits are for optimal driving conditions. On any roadway, it is always a good idea to slow down to gain time to react to animals, inclement weather, or other unexpected road conditions.

Reflective Clothing and Lights

A second motorcycle fact often noted is how difficult they are for automobile drivers to see, especially at highway speeds. Bright, reflective clothing can help save your life. Lights should be utilized, even in daytime. Motorcyclists should always think and drive defensively, keeping potential avoidance routes in mind.

Eye Protection

A good helmet is, as mentioned in an earlier post, a necessity to protect the head from injury, but the full face visor is also vital for eye, face, and mouth protection. A drop of rain at 60 mph can really sting, and bugs can do much worse than that! Without good eye protection, the driver can be distracted at a critical moment and suffer much more than an inconvenience. Eye protection is key, along with the helmet, good gloves, boots, and protective clothing.

The Right Insurance

Have fun driving your motorcycle! But temper that fun with vigilance and safety. The professionals at the Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN take safety seriously and offer the coverage that today’s motorcyclists require. Contact a representative at the Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN today for questions concerning motorcycle coverage or any of your other insurance needs.

3 Ways Recreational Vehicle Insurance Protects You

Whether you tow a 5th wheeler to the lake for weekend getaways or you have a class C dedicated to long summer explorations, RV insurance is an important part of protecting your vacation investment. Here are 3 ways RV insurance ensures you have nothing but happy memories of your road trips.

Attached Vehicle Coverage

Do you use your RV to tow your car, trailer, or a flatbed for extra storage? Your primary RV policy may not completely cover items that aren’t a part of the original vehicle. Attached vehicle coverage will help pay for any damage or loss to your towed items. This includes theft. The Billy Davis Insurance Group can help you decide if this additional coverage is right for you.

Storage Coverage

If your RV use is seasonal, storage coverage can protect your rig during the off-months. These policies cost far less than normal, driving-based coverage. Your policy will cover any damages or loss that occurs to your vehicle while it is stored. The location and condition of the storage site may affect your final policy price. For the best rates, choose a professional storage facility in the Merrillville, IN area.

Personal Items

Your RV is a home away from home. If a fire or catastrophic accident happened, you could be left with nothing but the clothes on your back. Your RV insurance covers more than the engine and exterior of your vehicle. Policies also compensate for a loss of personal items like furnishings, electronics, and more. If you are traveling with unusually high-value items, you may need additional coverage to fully protect it.

The Billy Davis Insurance Group serves the needs of RV enthusiasts in the Merrillville, IN area. Contact our representatives today to learn more about protecting all the important things in your life.

Tips On Knowing What Is Covered In Your Commercial Insurance Policy

A novel approach to insurance coverage – know what is in your policy!  The agents at The Billy Davis Insurance Group in Merrillville, IN encourage potential and current customers of the agency to read their policies and ask questions. Great interaction keeps the staffers sharp and the clientele informed.

Tips on Using Your Commercial Policy To The Utmost Without Ever Filing a Claim

If your business has an attorney on staff or on retainer, it is a good idea to have them peruse the policy as well. This may seem like an unnecessary expense or task but it is extremely valuable to have a keen understanding prior to having to use the policy. Once you review the policy, the attorney and or your agent reads it and explains it to you fully – have an in-depth conversation about your commercial policy.  If there are any points you don’t understand here is the time for clarification. ‘Take notes on key points and use index cards to document exactly what is covered. Keep your policy in a safe place but keep the index cards handy at all times.

When incidents arise that you deem may fall within the parameters of your insurance policy refer to your notes and jot down questions for your agent. You should also jot down new circumstances that you may want your commercial policy to address.

Merrillville, IN is home to The Billy Davis Insurance Group. A comprehensive agency that addresses all of your insurance needs. Call today to learn more about the wide array of products we offer. Automotive, Homeowners, Recreational, and Motorcycle Insurance can be found under the auspices of our agency. With an emphasis on making our clients fully cognizant of what their insurance coverages consist of our agents care about fully protecting our clientele.

4 Reasons You Need Boat Insurance

It is important to get familiar with advantages of boat insurance in Merrillville, IN whether you have been an avid boater or willing to purchase one soon.

Boats like cars are vulnerable and can be damaged in a number of ways. For example, they can be crashed by another boat, the motor inside may catch fire or it can be stolen. Also, any damaged caused by your boat is legally your liability.

Although auto accidents occur more frequently than boat accidents, protecting your boat is as crucial as protecting your car. Boat insurance can protect your boat and save your investment. Here are 4 reasons you need a boat insurance in Merrillville, IN from The Billy Davis Insurance Group.

Your Medical costs is Fully Covered

Accidents may occur while driving your boat and your passengers may suffer from minor or major injuries. Boat insurance covers the necessary costs of hospital visits, emergency room service as well as the cost of hiring a doctor. This invaluable protection sets your mind at rest while cruising your watercraft.

Boat Insurance Covers Property and Boat Damage

If your personal property or your boat gets lost or damaged as a result of a collision with another submerged object or boat, boat insurance will cover all the cost that may be incurred by the disaster. Some personal belongings may include fishing hooks and other properties on the watercraft.

Boat Insurance Covers Liability

If someone is injured in an accident or his property is damaged and you are involved in one way or the other, boat insurance indemnifies you against any cost that may be incurred. The more the insurance coverage, the higher the premium is likely to be. You can go for maximum restitution limits.

Boat Insurance Covers Towing

In case you get struck in the water, boat insurance covers the cost of both towing your watercraft to the shore and taking it to a repair shop. This gives you peace of mind. Having to pay all the expenses out of your pocket is completely eliminated.

For more information contact The Billy Davis Insurance Group.

What happens if I get hurt on my own property?

People have insurance to protect themselves and their belongings from the unknown.  Home insurance is able to cover a wide range of claims.  This can include anything from a damaged roof due to hail or stolen goods from your car that was parked in your driveway.  There are some sticky areas to home insurance that can be confusing and difficult to figure out.  One of those areas is personal injury.  Let’s take a closer look at how medical bills are covered with home insurance.

While home insurance does cover medical bills for injuries sustained while at home or on your property, in most home insurance policies this applies to people who are not living in your home.  This means if a family member, visiting for the holidays, were to slip on ice that was on your front stoop his or her medical bills would be covered by your home insurance.  If you take the same scenario for yourself though, your medical bills would go through your own medical insurance and not home insurance.  Alternatively, if a stranger who is simply passing by were to fall or become injured while on your property your home insurance would cover any necessary medical bills incurred by the passing stranger.

The residents of Merrillville, IN understand that there are some difficult situations that aren’t always black and white in home insurance policies.  The experts at The Billy Davis Insurance Group are here to help though.  Proudly serving the people of Merrillville, IN, The Billy Davis Insurance Group is always available to help people with questions.  Whether you are looking to update your existing home insurance policy or trying to start a new policy we are here to help.  Please feel free to stop by our office or give us a call today.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Car Rust?

Rust on the underside and body of your car can be damaging to it. Rust can weaken metal, making your car more likely to be seriously damaged in an auto accident. One of the questions that we at The Billy Davis Insurance Group, serving the greater Merrillville, IN area, are asked is whether auto insurance covers car rust. Here is some information you will want to know if you are in this situation.

In most cases, rust on the body of a car is not covered under your auto insurance policy. But this is not always the case. When determining if your rust will be covered, it is important to understand why the rust is on your car. If the rust is present due to a flood, and you have comprehensive coverage, the rust may be covered. Likewise, if the rust is present because of an auto accident, the rust may be covered.

In most cases, rust on a car is caused by routine wear or minor scratches on a car. If this is the case, your auto insurance company will not help with the cost to remove the rust and repair any damage it left behind.

Rust on a car can spread quickly, if you notice any rust on your car, you will want to have it removed promptly to prevent it from spreading and causing more extensive damage.

Having the right auto insurance policy helps to cover your car in a variety of situations. If you are looking for a new auto insurance policy in the greater Merrillville, IN area, turn to The Billy Davis Insurance Group. Call us today for a free quote.